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“Malicious & Cruel”, Exclaimed Netizen at Dog Poisoning Case

Facebook post

“Why do people deliberately poison dogs?” Mary Tan asked on social media after learning that 5 dogs were poisoned in her neighbourhood. Mary shared about the dog poisoning case in Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Facebook group.

In the Facebook post, Mary said her neighbours and herself have been feeding a few groups of stray dogs, hoping to gain their trust and eventually rescue them.

Unfortunately, 5 out of the 13 dogs were poisoned before they could be rescued. Mary Tan wrote “They became victims of malicious poisoning. 3 were already dead but 2 was still fighting for their lives when we reached there but within minutes they’re gone.”

Mary further explained that these dogs are harmless and do not cause nuisance in the neighbourhood. She added “These kids do not chase people, cars or bikes. After their meals from a few other feeders, they will hide in the jungle-like surroundings.”

Eventually, Mary helped bury the dogs.

Sadly, dog poisoning cases like this are not uncommon in Malaysia. Very Important Magazine urges everyone not to harm these animals, and it is against the law to kill stray animals, including dogs and cats. If you need any assistance, you may contact the numerous charitable bodies to help handle the situation humanely and responsibly.


Note: the gallery below contains photos of dead dogs. Reader discretion is advised.

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