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Food Delivery Rider Witnessed Hit and Run, Condemns Driver

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A foodpanda rider has taken to social media to condemn the driver of an accident he witnessed; a hit-and-run involving a car knocking over a dog and drove away immediately.

Noel Chern, a foodpanda rider has unfortunately witnessed a hit-and-run incident involving a large car and a dog. The car involved in the accident did not stop to help the dog, but left the scene instead.

After seeing the incident, Noel decided to stop and help the dog. Other foodpanda riders offered their help when they passed by. Sadly, the dog stopped breathing and died soon after.

foodpanda riders helping
Some foodpanda riders have stopped and offered help

Noticing that there is a dog tag with a phone number, Noel contacted the owner of the dog. The dog appeared to have ran away due to a loose gate. According to Noel, the owner cried on scene after seeing his dead dog.

Noel has taken to social media to complain about the irresponsibility of the hit-and-run driver. Not only did the driver not stop and check the condition of the poor dog, he has also caused the inconvenience of other road users. These food delivery riders have also lost precious time and income. He hopes that the driver can be more responsible and own up to his own mistakes.

Nevertheless, the incident has again shown the kindness of our fellow Malaysians. Despite being asked by Noel to continue with their job, the riders who have stopped to help insisted to stay.


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