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Daphne Charice – Cover Story Issue 20

Daphne Charice
Daphne Charice: Small Dreams, Big Heart
VIP Magazine Issue 20 Cover: Daphne Clarice
VIP Magazine Issue 20 Cover

Meet Daphne Charice – the latest member in the family of Animal Food Bank Ambassadors. Daphne had her first dog, Popeye, a British Bulldog since she was 9. “Then, I learnt that having a pet is a big responsibility. Do not take it up if you’re not ready to commit”, she said during our interview with her.

Daphne has volunteered at a shelter for a few times. She took dogs for walks, bathed them, and made donations. She felt that she didn’t really do a lot and hopes to contribute more with Animal Food Bank.

When asked what role should an influencer play, she replied: “If I can influence youngsters to do good? I don’t mind being one and I’m proud to be one. Nonetheless, influencer is still human, and human is not perfect. I hope being humane and emotional (sometimes negative and vulnerable) reminds people to have compassion and empathy.

Daphne does not give up on her childhood dream of becoming a singer and she has now released her own song, “死心塌地”. Follow her Facebook page “Daphne Charice D調” now!

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