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Food Delivery Rider Witnessed Hit and Run, Condemns Driver

A foodpanda rider has taken to social media to condemn the driver of an accident he witnessed; a hit-and-run involving a car knocking over a

Fortune the cat

Crazy Rich Guy Now has a Cat – Fortune

Our favourite wealthy man, Crazy Rich Guy welcomed a new family member - Fortune the cat! Crazy Rich Guy Crazy Rich Guy, a character created by Nixon


Guide Dog

Types of Service Dogs and Their Jobs

When we think of service dogs, we may think about guide dogs who help the visually impaired navigate the world. While they are one of

Cover Stories

Crazy Rich Guy

Crazy Rich Guy by Nixon Siow – Cover Story Issue 23

Crazy Rich Guy by Nixon Siow - Cover Story Issue 23 VIP Magazine Issue 23 Cover In this issue’s cover story, we would like to introduce to

Daphne Charice

Daphne Charice – Cover Story Issue 20

Daphne Charice: Small Dreams, Big Heart VIP Magazine Issue 20 Cover Meet Daphne Charice - the latest member in the family of Animal Food Bank Ambassadors. Daphne